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  • Perfect Broadcast automation channel-in-a-box solution.
  • Suitable for cable, wireless,satellite, IP TV and streaming media server etc. 
  • Highly integrated with video server,playout control,schedule editor,clip uploader,character generator,video switcher,video scaler,video wall and audio gain control.
  • High stability designed for 24/7 crash-free performance.
  • High cost-effective.

Input/Output Interface:

  • HD-SDI / SD-SDI(with audio embed).
  • HDMI. 
  • Composite / component (audio : balanced/unbalanced).
  • Network stream(Udp,Rtmp).

          Note: Depend on video card.

Supported Video File Formats:

  • Video codec:MPEG1/2/4,H263/H264,VC-1,WMV3/4/9,RV40/50/50,RM8/9/10, DIVX,XVID etc.
  • Audio codec:MP2/3,PCM,AAC,WMA,AC3,FLAC etc.
  • Resolutions: 240p~1080p.
  • Maximum Bitrate:50Mbps.


Standalone video server:

  • 1 - 4 SDI/HD-SDI output.
  • Concurrent network output streams,support SRS,FMS,Red5,Wowza and nginx+rtmp server.
  • Maximum 4 live ingest.
  • Maximum 4 network ingest.
  • One channel simultaneous  output HD and SD.
  • Built-in CG(character generator).
  • Built-in video scaler and switcher.
  • Built-in AGC(audio gain control).


Playout automation:

  • Support both loop playlist and 24-hour daily playlist.
  • Support single,clip group and ads group program in playlist.
  • Live signal,video files and CG Files can be scheduled in a playlist.
  • Implement submit, take, hold and emergency operations.
  • Programme types including sequence, timing, inserts, manual and other.
  • Automatic fill time gap.
  • Support active/standby synchronized broadcasting,auto switch to standby when failed. auto fault recovery.

Commercial ads:

  • Insert ads in clips at any position.
  • Group multiple ads into one clip. 
  • Commercial breaks editor based timeline.


Text and graphic overlay:

  • Unlimited text and graphics overlay.
  • Support logo,clock,animated logo,video logo,PIP,crawl text etc.
  • Support both global CG and programmes related CG.
  • Online WYSIWYG CG editor.

Video wall:

  • Preview videos from PGM,PST,live ingest,network ingest and clip library.
  • Display the date time, playout,video server status etc.
  • Support 2 or 3 monitors.